Get ED meds online, shipped to you. FDA-approved ED pills. Generics up to 95% cheaper than brand name. % online, discreet delivery. No waiting weeks for an appointment. Get started today. Prescription products available only if prescribed by the healthcare provider after an online consultation.What are the side effects of erectile dysfunction medications? In the United States, erectile dysfunction medications are prescription drugs and cannot be legally sold over-the-counter. Get answers What is Hims? The company doesn’t make it immediately clear whether the results of your virtual consultation will be reviewed by a medical doctor or a nurse practitioner licensed to prescribe medication. What are the symptoms of ED? You can read brief bios of the six men and women who head up the company, all of whom are MDs.Hims is a one-stop telehealth service for men’s wellness and care, providing treatment options for hair loss, ED & more. Feel great through the power of better health Your free online visit starts here. A quick look at Hims products and services. For erectile dysfunction: Hims ED medication | Skip to review. For premature ejaculation: Hims PE medication | Skip to review. For male. Able to provide generic and name brand products for ED; % online with free, discreet shipping of prescriptions; No insurance required.Ease of Process ForHims’ virtual experience makes it easy for men to seek treatment for ED—a problem they may be reluctant to talk about in-person with their regular physicians. You may connect with providers and receive ongoing care through our platform. We offer support for conditions ranging from sexual health to skincare, and mental health to hair care. Even better. And the addition of apomorphine — which works differently than PDE-5 inhibitors — further complicates the side effects picture.

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